About Us

Is an independent management firm comprised of Fee-Only financial advisors, with over 25 years of experience in providing a blend of investment opportunities and services to athletes and their families.

At ONYX, we are dedicated to working on behalf of our clients’ best interests and aim to put your needs first so that our firm is always on the side of those we serve.

In creating a dynamic wealth management open-environment for our professional clients and high net worth individuals, to provide comprehensive advice and other services, transparency or potential conflicts of interest(s) are a main concern for us.

That’s why at ONYX we are paid with a simple transparent advisory fee to eliminate any potential conflicts of interests that may arise, and we do not accept any fees or sales-based compensation.

Specifically designed to empower and grow our client’s wealth, being independent and free from any financial services firm, bank, or broker, allows us at ONYX to review or determine your needs, make recommendations, oversee performance, and provide creative solutions and services without striving for commission-based sales.

We are you and your family’s greatest advocate.

Our firm is committed and focused on ensuring you achieve and protect your long-term interests and legacy.



At ONYX, we work with you (our client) in the capacity that benefits you the most. Working to provide clear and honest communication through frequent in-person meetings and constant access to our team members, you will be well-informed of your business affairs at all times.

You are the most important part of the process and if you do not feel informed on the progress being made to achieving your stated goals; then we have not succeeded.


We strive to educate you on the varying aspects of your wealth management plan, so that you can best define your stated goals. The more knowledgeable you are of all the aspects that go into formulating your wealth management plan and the vision to reach your goals; the more accurately we can define a comprehensive route to achieve them with you.

From the basics to the highly sophisticated, our ONYX team of dedicated professionals aim to arm you with the knowledge necessary to effectively provide input on all decision-making, to reach your goals.


It’s not about us at ONYX. It’s about You. Every service we provide is tailored to your unique needs. We meet regularly not only to discuss progress towards your goals, but to gather input on your ever-changing life needs.

We realize that your needs may change immediately or unexpectedly at times, depending on your personal, employment, and outside influences. We can adjust your plan, given any immediate or unexpected changes to your circumstances, to keep you on top of your goals.


Cash Management Analysis

Financial Planning & Investment Strategy

Financial Business Management

Concierge Services


How to Develop Your Plan

A true Wealth Management Plan begins when you think of – and manage your wealth like – a business. Individuals and their families who manage their finances as a professional endeavor, succeed more often when their wealth and lifestyle is maintained. Once you have identified the most important factors of your plan, it will make it easier for ONYX to help you accomplish your wealth management goals.


How to Implement Your Plan

After the mission, strategy, and roles have been clearly defined, implementation of the plan must follow, in order to successfully take the next step in managing your wealth. Just as a business must implement their plan by beginning their operations, you and your family must put your plan into action.


How to Govern Your Plan

The third and most crucial component of managing your wealth like a business, is the continual oversight of the plan, to make sure it adheres to the long-term strategy and withstands any short-term variances.


A Practical & Integrated Approach to Wealth Management
ONYX is a boutique wealth management firm, designed to service our clients' unique financial needs.


For ONYX, social responsibility and sustainability means providing opportunities and services to athletes and their families, AND giving back to the community to which we serve.

Our mission is to support youth athletes on the field, and to also introduce them to a vast world of opportunities outside of the sports arena.

We understand how fortunate we are to be able to help our clients achieve their goals, and we realize that no one achieves any level of success without community support.

Therefore, at ONYX, this means securing our company’s long-term success by being of service to our clients, while also investing in future generations of adolescents, teens, and young adults looking to follow in our clients’ footsteps.

We AIM to make every effort to help the COMMUNITY that ultimately helped us BE who we are.

It is the ONYX WAY.